Here's How To List Your Digital Product(s) On The Earnersflex Marketplace As A Vendor.

By listing your products on the Earnersflex marketplace, we connect you with our top-performing affiliates, who will take your products to the right customers.

Earnersflex will handle all the payments for you.

We have the best reporting dashboard for every sale of your product.

Our team of experts will review your products for quality, compliance, and delivery system.

For New Vendors

How To Start

  • Send the details (the URL for the product’s sales page, access to the product and its delivery system) to vendors@earnersflex.com (Use the subject line – Request For A Product Approval)
  • The moment we have approved your product, you will need to create a vendor account.
  • This account is basically for you to track your sales.
  • The vendor registration fee is 15,000 a year and it is non-refundable.
  • The registration link for vendors will be sent to you once your product has been approved.
  • After creating your vendor account, we will set up the sales page for your product on Earnersflex and make it available to affiliates.

Note The Following