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I would reveal to you the "Golden Secrets" that have made me and my students never search for jobs again after we discovered this online income opportunity.

I would reveal to you the "Golden Secrets" that have made me and my students never search for jobs again after we discovered this online income opportunity.

You see, you don't have to be an Internet guru to make money online.

I also started with a zero experience just like you. Once you learn the vital things to get you up and running,

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The Affiliate Marketing Steady Income Program (AMSIP)

That Takes You From A Beginner To A Pro Level As An Affiliate Marketer And Make More Money While Doing It.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to promote other people's products and get paid in commission after the sale is made.

For example,

If you sign up for an affiliate program and you pick a product that costs N20,000 with a 50% commission on the marketplace 

And you're able to pitch the product to 100 people in a month.

Let's Do Some Calculation Now:

50% commission of N20,000 = N10,000

  • If 10 out of the 100 people buy, you're making N10,000 * 10 = N100,000
  • If 20 people buy it, you’re making N200,000
  • If 50 people buy it, you’re making N10,000 * 50 = N500,000
  • What if all the 100 people buy it, you’re making N10,000 * 100 = N1,000,000

Wow! That’s Huge, Right?

Huge money in a month just in the comfort of your home.

What some bank managers and university lecturers that have to work tirelessly cannot make in a month is what you're now making doing little tasks online in the comfort of your home.

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I guess your next question is, Taofeek, how can this work for me, and what if these people don't buy?

That's why the Earnersflex and Affiliate Marketing Steady Income Program (AMSIP) course is the best.

Because as a student of the Affiliate Marketing Steady Income Program (AMSIP) on Earnersflex, you can never be left alone.

I always host a series of ultimate webinars where you have to bring your leads, then I will use my persuasion skills on them to make them buy through your affiliate link 

And BOOM! You make more money.

With what I am doing for every student of AMSIP on Earnersflex, I have never seen the reasons why people will not buy from you.

Nevertheless, everything you also need to know on how to get customers and make them buy has been revealed in the course too.

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Finally, I am about to reveal to you what you will be getting in the Affiliate Marketing Steady Income Program

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get Inside......

  • The Ladder of Authority to Succeed on the Internet 
  • The right mindset to succeed in the affiliate marketing business
  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • The steps to building up a profitable affiliate marketing business 
  • How to choose a hot product to sell
  • How to generate tons of leads without running any single paid ads
  • Steps to creating content that makes your prospective customers know, like, and trust you so that they can easily buy from you
  • The effective ways to sell your affiliate products on Whatsapp 
  • How to host a successful Whatsapp training class
  • How to build authority on your Whatsapp status so that your potential customers can never fail to buy from you
  • How to position yourself as an authority that makes your potential buyers rush to buy from you

More of what to expect inside

  • Sales funnel mastery: How to move your cold audience through a buyer's journey so that they can easily buy from you
  • Copywriting mastery: Techniques for writing copies that force people to take action and buy from you 
  • The sure-fire strategies to generate leads on TikTok 
  • The secret formula to generate tons of leads on Facebook 
  • How to generate leads on Twitter
  • The simple but ultimate ways to generate tons of free leads on Whatsapp
  • How to run high-converting Facebook ads to generate tons of leads to sell your affiliate products 
  • Simple graphic design that helps your affiliate marketing business
  • Landing page creation
  • How to generate and nurture leads on Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp automation guide
  • How to build a list of quality audiences that will surely buy your affiliate product.

Below are testimonials from my students

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A free lifetime affiliate account on Earnersflex


A family-like community 


All expense-paid trips, winning of gadgets, and a cashback prize for the best-performing affiliates


24/7 telegram support group


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